The Board of Jewish Education of Metropolitan Chicago (BJE) educates and inspires learners of all ages to enrich their lives, their families and the Jewish community from generation to generation.

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About the BJE Early Childhood Centers

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The BJE Early Childhood Centers will directly impact the future of your child. We will reach him/her at a developmental age where lessons last a lifetime. We know you will be pleased with our preschool program as the beginning of your child’s educational and Jewish journey.


We provide a rich, warm, supportive Jewish environment for your child, with the following goals to help parents lay the foundation for a healthy, successful, and enjoyable future education for your child:
  • Provide children with a well-balanced program blending social and cognitive, creative and structured, individual and group activities.
  • Teach children how to develop a positive self-image.
  • Encourage children to be curious and explore freely.
  • Guide children to master new learning concepts geared to their developmental level.
  • Help children become comfortable interacting with peers and adults.


BJE Early Childhood Centers are family oriented preschools. We welcome families from a wide spectrum of Jewish life, and encourage parents, grandparents, and other extended family members to participate in any and all of our family events. During the school year we sponsor:

  • Shabbat celebrations honoring each child and his family.
  • Birthday celebrations for each child, including parent participation.
  • Jewish holiday celebrations including the entire family.

In addition to regular contact with each child’s family, we schedule at least two full parent-teacher conferences and a telephone conference early in the year for each child in the pre-school. Of course, ongoing communication between parents and teachers is always encouraged.


We maintain a ratio of seven children to one teacher. Only teachers who demonstrate warmth and caring for young children, as well as the ability and desire to work together with the parents for the over-all good of the child and family, are chosen to work as a staff member of the BJE Early Childhood Centers.

We are fortunate to have more than 55 nurturing and dedicated educational professionals in our employ. Keeping teachers current with the latest developments in early childhood education is one of the mandates of the BJE Early Childhood Centers. Our teachers are required to participate in an intensive, ongoing program of in-service education.

These programs are funded in part by grants from the Schorr-Lieberman Family Foundation.

Early Childhood Centers

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Welcome to the Board of Jewish Education of Metropolitan Chicago’s progressive concept in early childhood education; where children grow intellectually and socially in a loving Jewish environment. As a lab school, The BJE Early Childhood Centers’ (BJEECC’s) curriculum is based on the most current research findings in the field of child development, early childhood education, family education, and Judaica.

The BJEECC’s have been developing and providing quality Jewish preschool education since 1972. Our experienced educators are highly trained in both secular and Jewish early childhood education. Our preschool curriculum has been recognized nationwide for its content, materials, and scope. In our quest to be current with the latest in early childhood educational innovations, we have incorporated the Reggio Emilia system of learning into our progressive concept of Jewish early childhood education.

The Reggio Emilia philosophy is based on recognizing that the young child has many ways of expressing himself. Our teachers tap into these ways to actively engage the child in learning. Project work, where the teachers and children are involved in extensive interactive, thought provoking discussions, stimulates the children to learn and problem solve in a group setting. This method of learning respects each individual child’s ideas and is key to involving each child in the larger group experience. This process encourages dramatic growth in the child’s ability to express himself verbally and artistically, as well as solve problems independently and in group settings. We have found that this in-depth approach to projects has resulted in a stronger sense of Jewish identity and positive self-esteem in children. We actively embrace the Reggio Emilia approach as we continue to integrate all the best educational theories of Piaget, Erikson, Dewey and Vygotsky.

There are currently over four-hundred children in our BJE Early Childhood Centers. The BJE Early Childhood Centers are located in synagogues serving Buffalo Grove / Long Grove, Deerfield, Wilmette, Northbrook, and Vernon Hills.